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The Significance of Outdoor Signs in Community Messaging

Outdoor business signs are ubiquitous and visible. They are on highways, streets and in buildings across the nation. Because they are so prevalent, many people may tune them out; however, signage is an effective form of marketing that can transform potential customers into clients. Unlike other forms of marketing that often impose upon the customer (such as on-air commercials interrupting your favorite TV show), community signs offer an opportunity to inform and educate, which leads to positive behavior change.

In order to inform and educate, community signs must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently. As with any communication process, the first step is understanding the needs of your audience. This allows you to develop a message that will be clear, concise and impactful. The next step is to decide where your sign will be located. If your sign is designed to be viewed from a distance, it must be clearly visible and easy to read. The size of the text is also a factor in how the message will be perceived.

Aside from being easily understood, community signs must be able to create an immediate impact. The average time someone views a billboard or transit bus advertisement is only a few seconds, so it is essential that your sign convey its message in this short period of time. Signs that encourage a desired behavior should be as action-oriented as possible, providing the viewer with an instant takeaway that will drive them to act. For example, a private property sign communicating that the area is for residents only can prompt visitors to refrain from parking on or near the property and to check state laws regarding trespassing.

As previously mentioned, successful community signs target well-learned behaviors that most sign receivers already know how to perform. For example, anti-littering, seatbelt use, recycling, and turning off taps or lights are common actions that can be encouraged by signage. Unlike other means of communication, such as social media, which require specialized equipment to access, signage is readily available and accessible to all people.

Signage that promotes environmentally friendly behaviors, safe community living, and health and first aid information can all encourage people to adopt a desired behavior and help their community thrive. In addition, community signs can serve as an important reminder to check the local weather forecast before going out for a run or a bike ride. This can be especially beneficial in the event of a sudden storm or hurricane. Our team can help you design a signage package for your community that includes all of the above, and much more. For example, a post & panel sign can be an excellent alternative to a Monument Entry Sign for communities that are spread out or lack the space for a large entrance sign. Fresno Sign Company, the best Fresno sign company can design and install interior signage to expand your branded experience, which can further influence the type of behavior you want your community members to adopt. Contact us today for a free signage consultation.